Wood Disks and Sunday Supper

It has been another busy weekend here at the Lone  Carpenter’s house.  We have been diligently promoting the free give away of my book.  At it’s peak, we ranked # 9 on the Special Occasion Free  Cookbooks!  Top Ten!  Yikes! Can you believe it?  It has been a lot of fun. Be sure to get yours now if you haven’t already! [The give away ended Sunday]

Last night we went to the local Ducks Unlimited Annual Dinner.  Enjoyed some very DSC_0500gracious VIP treatment–more on that later in another post.  Also spent some time with my
chop saw this weekend making wooden disks ‘cuz my girls wanted to do some crafting.  Wacked up a large basket of them so they could choose what they wanted then before they went to work I dried them out in my kiln (kitchen oven at 200 degrees for and hour and DSC_0505quarter) and  did some sanding that also evened out some of the skin on my knuckles. Yeah, circular sanders work on fingers too… Ouch.

Anyhow, the girls got busy with some felt and a hot glue gun and the results are some
really nice and lovely trivets for hot food on the table.  I think they are pretty kewl!

DSC_0508Tonight Wifely made Kielbasa and Beans from the Sunday Supper Cookbook and it was great!   Ruby did the photography of the table including the new trivets and they came out great too!  We may have a budding
photographer on our hands!   Be sure to try that recipe….it is a perfect one pot meal! And then go out and chop some disks from some old branches!  hehehe

DSC_0528Thanks to everyone who downloaded the book this weekend. [244 of you!] It you would consider leaving a short review on Amazon, I would be most grateful!

Have a great week!




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Free Kindle Book!

This is your chance to get Sunday Supper:  Starting Your Week Right with Recipes from the Lone Carpenter free for your Kindle this weekend.  Please consider leaving a brief review.  Thanks, gang, for your awesome support!

Just click the picture below!!

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Well the second pineapple upside down cake was a success!  I did not take any chances in flipping it this time and devised a new use for duct tape.

Here is the stunning result!  It was absolutely delicious!  Want the recipe?  It’s going to be in my new eBook which will be available NOW!!!.

Pineapple cake




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